Black Obsidian

Delve into the hidden, beautiful, truly fascinating and revealing world of Obsidian Scrying used to predict and reveal your future and any question that you may want to ask. Usually a Black Obsidian Sphere is used for optimal and powerful readings and results.

These crystal spheres are generally used as a divination tools for scrying as a way to connect with the divine. A fantastic tool to use for magic and fortune telling, this wonderful orb also helps you brighten up any space and looking through it will give you a new perspective.

Crystal scrying balls act as a focal point and a gateway for visions, ideas, symbols, pictures and more. You can use scrying as a special portal to contact Spirit Guides and access knowledge from the Higher Realms, including the Akashic Records.

These spheres are perfect to use use for scrying, reading, gazing, meditation, as an alter stone or in reiki healing. Also a wonderful way to energize any area of your home.

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