About Us is an online crystal shop for spiritual healers, crystal collectors, and intuitive people who are looking for tools to heal their energy and manifest things into reality.
I know first hand how difficult it can be to find spiritual products, chakra kits, reiki gifts, boho inspired jewelry, divination tools, incense and much more! Through educational content, crystal grid kits, and hand picked products, we help our buyers choose the perfect crystal based on their intention, making sure they feel guided while shopping for their new mystical tools. 
Healing Crystals and stones are a source of positive energy, joy and happiness. Chakra Healing Gems is filled with the beauty and positive energy of each stone since each piece I pick out is inspired by the energy within each stone. I'm spiritual by nature and enjoy the peace that working with these beautiful crystals gives to me. I try and find that best and highest quality of crystals and stones that have the most beautiful and positive light energy so that YOU can benefit from their healing properties. I hope that every purchase you make from my shop balances your energies, brings peace to you and guides you on your journey.