9pcs. Healing & Love Crystal Grid Set

9pcs. Healing & Love Crystal Grid Set

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Crystal heart grid set includes a selenite heart, raw pink rose quartz and green fluorite stones, and clear quartz crystal points. The combination of these crystals greatly strengthens your focused intention to manifest results much quicker. I personally have crystal grids in almost every room in my home and office with different intentions set.

I T E M ∙ D E S C R I P T I O N
1 (ONE) crystal heart
Item Type: selenite
Item Color: White/clear
Item Size: 2 X 2 inches

4 Clear quartz points
Item Type: clear quartz
Item Color: clear
Item Size: 1" - 2" inches long

2 Raw Rose Quartz 
Item Type: rose quartz stones
Item Color: pink
Item Size: 1" - 2" inches

2 Raw Green Fluorite                                                                                                    Item Type: fluorite stones
Item Color: green
Item Size: 1" - 2" inches

    P R O C E S S I N G ∙ T I M E
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    G I F T ∙ W R A P ∙ I N C L U D E S
    Silver cotton filled gift box.

    C R Y S T A L ∙ G R I D ∙ C O L L E C T I O N

    BENEFITS:                                                                                                                   SELENITE is useful in removing energy blocks you can use them for charging, reprogramming, or clearing your other stones overnight. Very popular during meditation for bringing harmony and inner peace to the body and mind and for creating protective grids around a meditation circle. This stone works to recognize and eliminate unwanted thoughts and patterns of behavior, quieting the mind of unnecessary chatter. Selenite ignites powerful intuition and psychic awareness to its users. Transmitting light, energy, and information making it very useful in channeling, telepathy, or accessing past lives.

    All my crystals, stones, and gemstone jewelry are smudged with Sage and infused with the healing energy of reiki before packaging and shipping them off to their new home.

    C A R E ∙ M A I N T E N A N C E
    >Place your crystal on the soil or branches of a houseplant for 24 hours.
    >Place your crystal outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
    >Steadily hold your crystal in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick.
    >Lay your crystal on a piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz for at least 6 hours.

    S U P E R 7 ∙ C O L L E C T I O N

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    Love kit


    Absolutely loved my crystal and smelled like sage when I opened it, shipped sure fast and overall i was just really happy with my crystal it totally matched me. RECOMMEND !!

    Cayla Collins

    They are beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for and they came so quickly!

    soon ja Han

    So cute very well made